Birds win nail-biting game against NCC


Tamra Armstrong

The O-Zone and players on the sideline celebrate following a dunk by Junior Sam Vinson.

     Last night was a huge nail-biter for the Birds, as they fought for their 81 to 77 win against Newport Central Catholic (NCC), one of Highland’s biggest district rivals. The theme for the game was “White Out,” and students were given the opportunity to buy a t-shirt to support Senior Jacob Brass. 

     Brass was recently injured during a game against Holmes High School on January 14, suffering a spiral fracture to his tibia and a fracture to his fibula. The t-shirts sold to support him said, “Bust Yours for Brass.” All the proceeds went to Autism Speaks, for his little brother with autism. 

     Last night was a close game, with the score being tied for most of the time. Many of the students and athletes felt the pressure. 

     Senior Jack Delagrange said, “Going into overtime was really intense. It could have gone either way, but we pulled out and I was confident in our abilities.” 

     Though this was one of the Birds’ biggest games of the season, but the Birds showed out, with many points scored by some star players.

      Junior Sam Vinson put up 34 points, and said, “It was a great game with a great atmosphere from both our student section and their student section.” 

     The student section really showed out last night, all wearing white or their “Bust Yours for Brass” t-shirt.

      Senior O-Zone leader Audrey Graves said, “It’s awesome to be an O-Zone leader because I get to be a big part of everyone coming together to cheer on our fellow athletes. I love being apart of that!”

     Members of the O-Zone hyped the Birds up for the entirety of the game. Cheers were heard throughout the gym, as Bluebird pride was showed off loud and proud. 

     Senior Ethan Houze, one of the members of the O-Zone said, “I was super excited just going into the game, every year its huge rivalry. We knew even being one of the best teams this is going to be one of the biggest games all year just because of what the rivalry means. It was a home game for them, and it was pretty much sold out. I knew it would be exciting from the beginning!”

     The Birds’ next game will be at home against Frankfort High School on Friday, January 31st at 7:30 P.M.