Running out of time? Do not fret!

Fun Last Minute DIY Gifts


Nothing sparks the holiday spirit more than some clever “Do it yourself” gifts from a friend or family member. With many presents to go purchase and not much money to spare, the concept of gift-giving can get a little chaotic and sometimes stressful. However, for those last-minute shoppers, handmade wholesome gifts are the way to go.

When it comes to a teenager’s Christmas list, there is all but one common request: money. Therefore, a simple solution for answering an eager teen’s request is by rustling up a quick and easy DIY gift. A perfect way to surprise your friend or family with some money, for example, is by taking one-dollar bills, connecting them with tape or some other material, and then sliding the dollar bills into a tissue box. Then, the last dollar would be connected to a tissue with some tape so that it can easily be pulled out together. This can not only be used as a gift, but also as a Secret Santa and White Elephant present as well.

DIY gifts truly can’t be possible without the existence of crafts. Crafts such as pompom letters are fun and easy to create. There are only a total of four materials needed to make this simple craft: cardboard letters, white paint, mini pompom balls, and a glue gun. The first step to creating this DIY gift is to paint the cardboard letter with white paint. White poster paint tends to work well due to being quality paint. This is only if the letter needs more than one overlapping coats covering the cardboard. Secondly, take mini pompom balls, that are about 1x1cm, and gently place and organize them onto the dried white cardboard to completely cover the letter. Using a glue gun, apply the glue to the letter then glue on the pom poms to the cardboard. Yet another great DIY gift was simply made by mixing in little arts and crafts.

Another great and simple present that can easily be handmade is money that can come in smaller size portions. A roll-of-coins stocking stuffer is fast and a gift that would be accepted by anyone in the family. This is a perfect idea that can be used in many ways. For instance, taking some paper to wrap over the original roll of coins, to create a blank background. Then, wrap thin, red and green ribbons, or whichever colors you choose, around the white paper, covering the roll-of-coins to make it look more festive. A simple gift such as this can make all the difference.

The perfect way to make the holidays feel special is with Christmas decorations. Nothing is more unique or original than creating your own Snowman Christmas Ornament. This is a traditional gift-giving idea that can always be known as a “go-to”. All that is needed to create this sort of gift is an ornament, white paint, black and orange permanent markers, and colored little balls if wanted. With taking one of your hands, slather white paint all over it until it is mostly covered in paint. Next, you take your hand and stamp it onto your ornament to where the fingers are nicely separated and neat. After this comes the decorating process. Then, you take the black marker and draw all of the details that come with a snowman such as a top hat, stick arms, coal smile and eyes, buttons, etc. Then you can end it with a perfect drawing of a carrot nose in the center using an orange marker. Finally, you have a fabulous work of art that wasn’t time-consuming, but instead enjoyable.

For having all of these DIY gift choices, there is a wide variety and range of different presents to choose from. And with the Holidays right around the corner, these will make for great little stocking stuffers and gifts for the whole family and friends to enjoy.