Day-After: The Varsity Academic Team Competes in the NKAL Tournament


Academic team members work hard to answer questions correctly.

Last weekend, Saturday, December 3rd, the Highlands High School Varsity Academic team competed in the Nothern Kentucky Academic League (NKAL) tournament. The tournament was composed of written tests in science, math, English, arts & humanities, and social studies, as well as 3 fast-paced trivia rounds called “Quick Recall”. 

In the first round of quick recall, the HHS team suffered a devastating loss to Simon Kenton, with an ending score of 15:24. The team was thoroughly disappointed, but this loss filled them with ambition and they continued to give it their all for the rest of the competition. 

In the next round, the HHS team competed against Dixie. The team killed it, with a streak of 11 questions before letting Dixie get a single point. At half-time, the score was 5:15, and Highlands did not stop there. At the end of the match, the score was 23:11, Highlands. 

Highlands continued answering question after question in their final meet against Ryle. At half-time, Ryle had only scored 3 points, and after that, they scored no more. At the end of the game, Highlands won, with a jaw-dropping score of 28:3. 

Highlands’ success didn’t stop there, however. When it came to written tests, Senior Lela Grillot scored 6th and Junior Henry Campbell scored 8th in Arts & Humanities. In addition to this, Senior Hamish Rayner scored 1st place in social studies. 

In the end, Highlands scored 2nd place overall, and the students, as well as their Coach, Mrs. Robin Kemp, were extremely proud of their success.