Breaking Apart the World: Mass Shootings


Citizens come together to mourn the loss of those who passed at the Virginia Tech shooting.

Every day another life is taken by a gunshot wound. Multiple people pass away in the same place due to a clip of bullets. Assault weapons are used daily, some in more harmful ways than others.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of shootings happening in the United States. Mass shootings aren’t new to this world. They have been happening all around the world for years.

Multiple shootings have taken place in nearly every state. They unfold in intense, harmful ways that cause the passing and injuries of multiple people.

Recently, Colorado Springs was hit with a tragic event in an LGBTQ+ club. 5 were found dead with dozens wounded. Club Q was a popular club that was safe for the community, this was never an event that people thought would happen. 

Colorado has experienced shootings before. In Douglas County, Colorado there is a high school named STEM School Highlands Ranch. 1 person was found dead and 8 were injured in May 2019.

In 2022 so far, there have already been over 600 mass shootings. Each with many wounded and some that have passed away from the wounds. Cities all around America have dealt with the passing of their citizens due to the harm that someone puts on others’ lives. It is something that happens daily, sadly. 

A massacre in Chesapeake, Virginia left 6 dead along with injuries to 4 more people. The gunman was found dead at the scene. This wasn’t the first shooting in Virginia this month. A shooting at UVA left 3 dead and the following 2 injured.

All of these horrible tragedies are happening days after each other. No one is getting a break from the pain of losing loved ones and those around them. Americans are trying their hardest to keep calm during times like this, but the country needs change.

Changes need to be made to keep our cities safe. Civilians are scared to go out in public for the reason of possible massacres. It is a true fear and one that is valid.

The end of the year is coming and over a thousand people have died in the United States this year due to mass shootings in public areas. 

Trying to change the world and make it safer is something that will be very difficult for everyone to come together and do. Some don’t see the issue at hand, which makes it difficult to have everyone help bring change.

The world of violence is taking over people’s lives while taking over others. Change needs to be made.