6th-grade YouTube Stars


(Courtesy of HACE)

Haley, Ava, Emersyn, and another person posing for a picture.

A phone balanced on a shoebox, “Hey Boos!” we all say in unison. The HACE Squad, whose name was made out of the people in the group which were: Haley, Ava, another unnamed person, and Emersyn, was started in 2018. 

Yes – we were 6th grade YouTube Star wannabes.

Emersyn and Haley became friends first then Haley introduced Ava to Emersyn and the three became good friends before another person was introduced into the group.

Originally, the four of us thought this would be a great idea because in 2018, being a Youtuber sounded cool and it felt like almost everyone was making videos. All of us thought that our Youtube channel could maybe get famous, so we really tried making fun videos. 

There was a plan created that the group of girls planned that we would make videos every time we hung out or every week. It was frequent because like everyone else at the time, they would post quite a lot to keep people watching their videos.

Ava, Emersyn, and Haley all cheered together for Highlands in middle school, when they had all met, there was an instant connection. From then on, their friendship only got closer.

The first video was introducing the group and just an overall video about us. Looking back at it now, it was very chaotic and messy. We were all talking over each other and all of us were either 11 or 12 at the time. The second video wasn’t much better, it was also extremely hectic. The group was trying candy and saying which one we liked better. 

Watching these videos now, I feel embarrassed because I don’t want anyone to know that there are videos made with my friends.  Looking back at what we decided to do, everyone can watch what we did when we were 11 and 12 which just makes the embarrassment worse. 

The last three videos were “get to know me’s”  about Haley, Ava, and another one of our friends. Emersyn never got to know me. After those videos, the girls stopped posting. They never did another video ever again and over time, eventually broke up being friends. 

What I learned from our experience would be being humble. So, some words of wisdom: when you are on your high horse, just look back at what you did during your past, and you will be humbled.