Murder Mystery: Part 1

In the quaint town of Snowville, the body of a young girl by the name of Noe was found.  The murder weapon used was a stapler but also at the scene were paper and pen.  There was a note left behind by Noe that was thought to be a goodbye letter. The note was written on a coffee-stained sheet of notebook paper along with a precise blue ink ballpoint pen. The family would argue over what’s for dinner and who’s the best? The little things brought them down but to be the perfect family everyone pictured, they would set their differences aside.


Noe was the average small-town girl. She was deemed to be the perfect, athletic genius but in actuality, turned out to be very different and not really perfect at all. Noe suffered heavily from depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. She was a very athletic girl, using sports to distract her from everything but all she really wanted was someone to enjoy being with her. The group of friends Noe hung out with were solely at school, while at home there were no other friends except for her little brother, JJ. On March 25, she was brutally murdered with a stapler, the murderer leaving a note behind with Noe’s handwriting.

The note read: “Mom, Dad, and JJ I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I needed to let go because I can’t deal with the bickering and all the pressure anymore. I love you. – Noe”


Noe’s father, John, is the all-star of the family. He’s a D1 football all-star and has been playing a variety of sports throughout his life, being good at all of them. Following him into adulthood, his life was riddled with regrets over not being perfect enough his family, and consequently, himself. Even though Noe looked up to her father greatly, often he did not feel the same amount of affection for her as she did him. This was due to his belief that she needed to do more with her life. Oddly enough, John is always curious and wants to know more, so he carries a pen and paper with him in case he needed to know something he didn’t want to forget.


Noe’s mother, Anne, is the leader of the family. Bossing around the family and taking care of John, Noe, and JJ is what she loves. Anne acquired the job as principal of JJ’s middle school, due to how she is a natural leader. In her home office, there’s a silver stapler engraved with the phrase, “Leave Me Alone”. Although Anne is a natural leader, she is not the best mother. She cares for Noe and JJ, however, she doesn’t particularly care about her kids’ happiness or wishes. Noe, being a people-pleaser, would always try to please her mother, pushing herself to excel in athletics and grades. Anne still disregarded Noe when she tried to talk to her though. Similar to John, in her eyes, Noe wasn’t perfect enough and never would be, which is the only thing Noe’s mother had against her. 


JJ is the up-and-coming athlete, following close in his father’s footsteps. He always strives to be acknowledged in the family but is always overlooked by his stunning parents. JJ is the second born child and he enjoys playing sports. Unfortunately, JJ loved art more, despite his disapproving parents. JJ doesn’t have many friends at home so he loves to hang out with his older sister. Although, he has always been a little jealous of her, due to her being perfect in his eyes, making him want to be just like her.  Despite this, JJ worries about his sister’s emotional state, wondering how she has been doing lately but is too afraid to ask her.

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