Taste of Fort Thomas: Checking out local restaurants’ signature meals

Taste of Fort Thomas:  Checking out local restaurants signature meals

The City of Fort Thomas has multiple restaurants close to your home. However, you may not know what their most ordered dish is, so together Maddie, Emersyn, Mollie, and I went to a few restaurants in the area and tried the most popular thing on the menu. The restaurants we ate at and reviewed included Midway, Fort Thomas Pizza, and Grassroots and Vine. 

First on the menu was Midway Cafe, the most ordered item on the menu is their smoked wings. There is a variety of different seasonings to choose from. One most popular is the Cajun Dry Rub seasoning. The wings came out still hot and were spicy but sweet. When you bit into the wings they were still hot and you got the spiciness from the dry rub.

Haley’s review: “I don’t prefer dry rub, but they were really good. I think if you had too many of them you would get sick of them. I would give them an 8/10.”

Maddie’s review: “I loved the wings and I would order them again. The wings had a mix of sweet and spicy which was really good. I also dipped them in ranch dressing which helped too. I would give them a 10/10.” 

Mollie’s review: “I thought the wings were pretty good, the dry rub was amazing, the cajun flavor wasn’t too overpowering or too spicy. I liked how they had many different options of wings to choose from. I would definitely give them a 9.5/10.”

Emersyn’s review: “’I don’t prefer the cajun dry rub. I thought there was too much seasoning on the wings. All through the wings came out super hot, they just weren’t for me. I think other flavors of wings would taste better. I give the wings a 7/10.”






Fort Thomas Pizza’s most ordered item is obviously their pizza. They have many different kinds of pizzas. We ordered a medium pizza, half cheese, and half meat lovers. When the pizza came out the cheese was melty, gooey, and hot out of the oven. 

Haley’s review: “I think that this is the best pizza in town. Their cheese was stringy and was cooked to perfection. The crust was not too thin but not too thick. The meat lovers I didn’t expect to like, but when I tried it it was very good. I give the pizza a 10/10.”

Maddie’s review: “I think that the pizza was cooked to perfection and has the perfect amount of cheese on the pizza. The pizza tasted amazing and had a mixture of toppings around the pizza. The only downside is that there was not a lot of sauce, but the pizza was still very good. I would give the pizza a 10/10.”

Mollie’s review: “The pizza was very good. I wasn’t expecting to like the meat lovers pizza, because I usually don’t, but it was very good. The toppings were nice and crispy and didn’t overpower the pizza. The only thing I wish they did was put a little more sauce on the pizza so the sauce would balance out the cheese. I would give the pizza a 10/10 for sure.”

Emersyn’s review: “I really liked this pizza. It was super cheesy and overall the best out of all three restaurants in my opinion. I would give this pizza a 10/10 because it was cooked perfectly and there wasn’t anything wrong with it at all.”





The last place we went to was Grassroots and Vine. The most popular item on the menu was their barbecue chicken flatbread. When you walked into the restaurant they were very inviting and welcoming.

Mollie Anderson and Haley Barth

Haley’s review: “I liked the barbecue chicken flatbread, but it wasn’t my favorite. It was spicy which was a fun element, but I think this restaurant is more for adults. The crust I think is too thin, but the barbecue and chicken had a nice flavor. I give this a 7/10.”

Maddie’s review: “Once the flatbread came out, it looked very appealing. The chicken on the flatbread was very good and I would eat the chicken by itself. There was too much barbecue sauce on the flatbread. The jalapeños were a good element to add and gave it a little spice. I would rate this a 6/10.”

Mollie’s review: “I thought the flatbread was pretty good. There was way too much barbecue sauce on the flatbread which made it sort of difficult to taste everything else. The chicken was very good and not dry at all. I would rate this a 7/10

Emersyn’s review: “I was not a fan of this at all. I liked the chicken that was on top. I think there is too much sauce so I couldn’t really taste anything else. But when it came out it looked really good. I don’t think this meal is for me but other things they were bringing out to people looked really good. I would say this is for more adults than children. I would rate this a 5/10.”




Overall, the food in Fort Thomas is very good and should go with your friends and family when you have the chance!