Mediocre Kitchen Madness: April Edition!


Haley Luersen and Maggie Schroeder

Two extremely nourished chefs.

– Hey y’all! It’s Maggie… 

– And Haley!

– Welcome to the April Edition of Mediocre Kitchen Madness!

– This month’s recipe is a little out of the ordinary for us since we are not making a dessert.

– No no no, we are not. *Sniffle*

– We have been flooded with comments upon comments begging for a healthy recipe.

– Um no, I think it was just one comment from my mother.

– Shhh… ANYWAY! We will be presenting 25 different ways you can make spinach!

– This time, not courtesy of Sally’s Baking Addiction, I am afraid.

– Nope, these are all from our brains!

– In lieu of a standard ingredients list and recipe, we’re going to document this journey with a gallery of our 25 mini recipes. 

– Which, if you make all 25, you will be GLOWING with health. 

– So, without further ado, let’s get right into Spinach: 25 Ways!


– I hope you enjoyed this very special edition of Mediocre Kitchen Madness. My favorite recipe was definitely the iced spinach. It had such a fresh taste and I will definitely be making spinach ice cubes for my water bottle from now on.

– My favorite recipe had to be the spinach toast. I enjoyed removing the spinach, replacing it with peanut butter, and consuming.

– Slight modifications are acceptable.

– I’m going to have to give these recipes a 10/10. I feel ultimately nourished and powerful after eating them.

– I agree, 10/10. Would spinach again.


Thank you for reading the April edition of Mediocre Kitchen Madness. If you try these recipes, email pictures to or to be potentially featured in the next edition. 


Oh, and happy April Fools!