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Kids of Nickelodeon Reveal the Truth of Kids’ TV

The HBO documentary series where kids from our childhood shows came out and told the truth of what happens on kid’s TV.

On March 17, the documentary Quiet on Set was released, showing the backstory, secrets, and stories of the child actors in Nickelodeon shows. The stories shared consist of what happened to Drake Parker, Amanda Bynes, Jennet McCurdy, and more. 

Even before the allegations brought forth by Drake Parker, Brian Peck had already been arrested as a sex offender in 2003. When Parker, who starred in the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh, was 15 he was sexually assaulted by Brian Peck. In the documentary, he states that he was sleeping on the couch where he normally slept at Peck’s house when he woke up he was being assaulted. 

Drake didn’t know how to get out of the situation, he couldn’t run outside, he didn’t have a car, and he felt like he couldn’t call and tell his mom, he couldn’t tell people. He no longer wanted to go to Peck’s house as it would raise too many questions.

Brian Peck was apologetic, promising it would never happen again. 

In “Quiet on Set”, he stated: “And well… He figured out how to convince my mom and everyone around to have me– you know, anytime I would have an audition, or anytime I needed to work on dialogue or anything, I somehow ended up back at Brian’s house.”

A victim of Dan Schnieder was Amanda Bynes. For those who don’t already know, since this is all over social media, Schnieder got Amanda Bynes pregnant at the age of thirteen, causing her to get an abortion.

As well as this, a website called “Amanda Please” was published when she was also thirteen. This website consisted of games called ‘Color my belly’ and ‘Name that body part.’ The game ‘Name that body part’ had categories of body parts, with photos of her body on each one. The website also had a fake ad, with Amanda’s face, advertising “Remote control underwear” 

Jennet McCurdy is also a victim of Schnieder’s abuse. During the time Jennet was on the show “ICarly” she had an eating disorder, and after finding out about this, Dan made her the victim of most, if not all fat jokes and food jokes. He made her eat on camera, and even if the take was perfect, he made her do it again. 

Many people have changed views on the shows they watched as kids, freshman Hannah Avery said: “I completely changed the way I see the shows, I went back and watched them and I was just disgusted and shocked how this just went over my head.”

These are the dark stories behind many of our favorite childhood shows and movies. While we sat and enjoyed corny jokes, the kids behind the camera were scared, to tell the truth, even to parents and trusted adults, these kids were not happy and rich with fame, they were suffering.  

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  • R

    Ruby ColeMar 28, 2024 at 6:35 pm

    Rumors about child abuse have been told about the actors and stars for some time. Children continue to be exploited in this country. It didn’t stop or start with Jerry Epstien. People with money buy whatever they want. No one believes the victims.