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Apple Vision Pro: Dive into the Future

Apple’s new device: The Vision Pro

With the new influx of technology in the modern age, Apple has again introduced a new technological impact on society–a screen that goes where you go, the Vision Pro. Few of the new Vision Pros have been sold, mainly because of the price point, but in the future, these new devices will be likely to be popularized due to customer attention.

It is likely that from the perspective of a generic consumer, an Apple Vision Pro is a waste of money. It is expensive and does the same thing that a smartphone does. 

But if you recap Apple’s history, it might make more sense. 

Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, creating a brand-new device. In 2016, Apple released the wireless earbuds, Airpods. This was outrageous because no one wanted to spend $200 on a pair of earbuds with no wires. However, as time went on, AirPods became a trend and were very successful despite receiving much backlash at launch.

The same idea is what many believe to be the reasoning behind the launch of the Apple Vision Pro. Likely, Apple will gradually decrease the price of the Vision Pro to attract customers and more people will slowly adapt to the new technology. Not only will this have a great impact on society, but the industry as well because Apple’s innovation will be so widespread that other companies specializing in mobile devices will also be interested in investing in augmented reality technology. 

According to Mr. Volpenhein, a computer science teacher here at HHS: “I know that it is different from VR, and it’s more like augmenting reality, so sometimes you don’t know what those things are going to be used for until they kinda get out onto the market.”

The Apple Vision Pro serves little purpose when compared to a pocket computer and smartphone. However, this is exactly what Apple wants to achieve – media influence. Despite there being a few advertisements for the Apple Vision Pro, the main way that most people hear about it is free advertising, generally by social media. 

Despite the $3,500 price tag for the Vision Pro, Apple still demonstrates its power on innovation when it comes to technology. Just like how Steve Jobs created the iPhone, iMac, iPod, iPad, and many more Apple devices; which were slowly incorporated into modern society. 

Modern Apple under Tim Cook wishes to follow the same path, and not fear innovation. Many technology consumers dislike Apple because of their outrageous price tags, but these price tags include the cost of not the device, but the efforts of trained professionals to innovate, as well as the risk of losing millions of dollars.

It is extremely likely that shortly, in approximately a decade, Vision Pro will be as popular as wireless earbuds. All schools that feature a no phone or no headphones policy will also include a no Vision Pro rule, and there will likely also be health implications that permit students to use such technology in day-to-day life. 

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