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New Heights: The Kelce brothers podcast

The cover of the podcast for New Heights.

The Kelce Brothers’ podcast is a new podcast as of September 8, 2022. They talk about a lot of different things and many people already know the Kelce brothers, but this made them even more well-known. The brothers cover a lot of topics in their first podcast. Some of these topics include why they made the podcast, why they named it “New Heights”, etc. 

They also cover football-related topics like why should Eagles fans be excited this year, why should Chiefs fans be excited this year, and their favorite QB moves in the offseason. They also talk about less serious topics like what matchup keeps you in the film room, who is THAT GUY at your position,  and who has the better Super Bowl ring.

One of the first things they cover in their first episode is “Why New Heights?” 

Travis Kelce said: “New heights being a dual meaning I believe, so obviously it’s me and my brother venturing into a new world, a new playing field, which is on the mic and camera, showing our personalities, showing our dynamic, and we thought it would be fun to bring that to you guys but also we are very prideful of where we come from in Cleveland heights Ohio.” 

This means that they named this podcast after where they were born and raised because they are proud of where they come from and they want to share it and their fans. 

The second question that they cover is “Why did it take so long to start a podcast?” 

Travis replied: “I think it was a little bit of you know waiting for the right time, doing something like his can king of get looked at Luke you’re not focused on the field, and that the last thing I think either one of us ever want is to let anybody know that you know our heart isn’t in it full go throughout the season but I think throughout both of our careers we’ve been able to show what kind of teammates we are and you know how much we really care about what’s going on out there on the field, so I think you know getting established kind of helped you know at least me feel more at ease doing something like this.” 

Jason Kelce added: “ We’ve always thought about a way to maybe interact and keep track of each other and what’s happening in our lives during the season because a lot of times that fall by the wayside with everything going on and I think you know as covid was a rough time, we’ve seen how successful a lot of these podcasts and video shows can be, doing it virtual and being in different areas and different places.” 

They further continue by discussing their commitment to the podcast, despite living in different states and playing for different teams.

“When we really sat down and looked at what the time commitment would be every week, it’s basically a two-hour window every Tuesday on our off day that we’re going to come in here and talk… and what really made me pull the trigger and really be happy about doing this with you (Travis) is the fact that we get to kind of we get to say whatever we want, but I think it’s a way for us to be authentic and to offer unframed opinions,” said Jason. 

Overall, this podcast is about the brothers talking about their experiences with their different football teams and telling their fans about their stories and things they have done. 

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