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Sugar and Fat Consumption: Dangerous or Helpful?

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An image of brown sugar being mixed with a stick of butter.

One modern aspect of human health is the consumption of sugar. Everywhere in supermarkets, the aisles are lined with products with varying amounts of sugar content. Most health experts would immediately conclude that this is a consequence of changing food culture, but it is not necessarily the case with some food items. 

What people call “food” is a consumable that allows them to grow and prosper. It allows them to maintain a healthy life. Food in the 90’s and food now might be different, but serve the same purpose. 

To understand the importance of food, especially sugar, you need to understand the basic purpose of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates will often be suggested by a doctor, especially when the goal for the patient is to lose weight, but why is this? 

In reality, the tendency for a doctor to suggest avoiding all carbohydrates is because the main reason for being overweight everywhere in the world is the consumption of excessive carbohydrates.

Almost all fattening foods contain carbohydrates, as well as fats, which can lead to rapid weight gain if consumed at an excess. However, they are also very helpful with weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

According to sophomore Alex Race: “sugar gives you energy to do a workout, because according to photosynthesis, plants need sugar for energy, and humans are the same.”

This is because, as mentioned earlier, carbohydrates and fats have a purpose in the human body, apart from having a calorific value. Carbohydrates are a natural source of energy and fats contain vital nutrients that help the body maintain health. 

Eating foods, such as bread with olive oil could be seen as negative, but it actually could help a lot with weight loss because it would provide the body with the necessary nutrients and energy to perform well during a workout.

According to Health Teacher Jill Taylor: “Sugar is needed to fuel your body before a workout, but there are different types of sugars and they come from a wide variety of sources. Simple sugars provide quick energy because they are easily accessed by the body, complex sugars take longer to break down and provide energy over a longer period. Good options for simple sugars would be fruit or milk as opposed to candy, sugary drinks, or table sugar.”

So the main reason that people will avoid carbohydrates, such as sugar, is because they are afraid of consuming them in excess, making their weight loss more difficult, and resulting in them quitting without realizing that they could still enjoy their favorite treats and still lose weight as long as consumed in moderation. The same thing applies to fats, such as olive oil or butter. They can be healthy, providing the body with vital nutrients, but can also be harmful if consumed excessively.

It is still important to listen to the doctor, because they give the best advice for your personal health, and ask them about the implications of consuming certain foods, because like all things in life, it is important to consume and live in moderation and never overdo any practice to ensure the healthiest possible lifestyle.

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