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Overcoming Test Anxiety: Study Habits

Freshman Kara Laber works hard studying for a test.

The feeling before a test can be overwhelming, as your hands start shaking and you forget everything you went over in class.

This is a common issue at Highlands High School. Many students need help when it comes to test preparation.

Regarding this problem, the Highlands High School Publications program conducted a survey asking students to share their own tips and habits that make studying much easier.

One of the questions asked, “On a scale of one to five, how hard is it for you to prepare for a test?” The results showed that one-fourth of the 85 students who took the survey answered with the number five (very hard). 

To aid some of these students we asked the question, “What are some ways that help you prepare for a test?” The most common answer provided was the app “Quizlet”.

Quizlet is an online study method that provides both practice tests and interactive flashcards.  More often than not, having to interact with your study material whether that be online or physically, is a better way to retain information as opposed to just reading it.  

Freshman Maddie Bottomley provided another tip to achieve successful test preparation: “I would just recommend finding a quiet space to work so you don’t get distracted and take breaks often.”

Especially since midterms are close, not just how you study is important, but also stuff you do on a daily basis when you’re not studying is.

Here are some habits to practice this midterm season:


  1. Prepare in advance – Create a study schedule and plan out your days devoted to studying leading up to the test.


  1. Get enough sleep – Most teenagers don’t realize how much sleep they get at night affects all aspects of their day. It is proven that sleeping has a big impact on how the body functions, physically and mentally. 


  1. Fuel your body – Make sure to eat healthy foods to obtain the energy you need. 


  1. Find your way of studying – Study with friends or alone, in music or in silence, at a desk or on a couch, whatever you need. Make it fun if you have to.


  1. Take breaks – Don’t overwork. Taking a break often is crucial so you can take some time for yourself. 


With midterms just around the corner, using these tips and trying these habits will help you study efficiently in order to be successful on your next exam. 

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