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Jack Haggard: Taking his Skills to a Football-Focused Town

Jenna Richey
Senior Jack Haggard (15) proves himself on the field

Jack Haggard is doing it all. Whether it’s on the soccer team, the bowling team, or in this case, the varsity football kicker, Haggard dominates.  

Many would agree that participating in one sport is difficult, which is what makes Jack’s flexibility so special. 

Beginning in the 2021-2022 season, Jack Haggard was a part of the Highlands soccer team, having three straight successful seasons, while scoring multiple goals in the aforementioned 2022 season. 

However, Haggard got his start in football when Football Head Coach Bob Sphire offered him after Jack was spoken very highly of by other coaches. 

When we learned about Haggard’s participation in football, we questioned how that came to be. Coach Sphire explained: “I had several coaches that spoke very highly of him, so we had interest. To me, this was just a bonus experiment for this kind of thing, however, we could use some help, so I initiated the meeting. So I pulled him in and offered him.”

Sphire said: “He’s come a long way since when he first started; he of course had lots of talent coming from Soccer that really benefited his game.”

“He’s a great young man which is great for the morality of the team,” stated Sphire when questioned about his long-term impact for the program. 

With such an impressive transition, many wonder what’s on the mind of Haggard himself. When the question arose of how seamless his transition was, Jack claimed: “I mean seasons were overlapping so it was a struggle at first, but I also kinda figured out practice schedules and our training schedules for soccer and it became a lot more seamless.”

Haggard has hopefully opened up a door for soccer players to join the football team. As stated by Jack: “ If the opportunity is there I would do it. A lot of my club teammates would do the same at their respective high schools. It just really depends on if you want the challenge. It’s not easy, it makes everything a little bit harder, but if you want to do that, I think you should.”

The entire city is behind the leg of Haggard, and as the team progresses through the year, he continues to remind everybody to remember his name.

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