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Why you should learn an instrument: A new hobby

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Many children around the world are forced to learn an instrument, or perhaps more than one, by their parents. This scares many children into thinking that playing an instrument is a stressful task, in which they are forced into suffering the pain of playing an instrument. However, the reality of the issue is only partially as dire. 

In reality, the reason most children complain about this “forced” hobby is just because they are being introduced to something new. Not only is it new, but it also requires effort , resulting in many having to do something difficult and new. To a little child, this can seem scary. 

This is the reason for the assumption that a musical instrument is more of a struggle than enjoyment. But there is no reason for it not to be fun; human enjoyment can be complex, but also simple. 

The noises, or sounds, that are emitted from a musical instrument in a unique way are simple ways to make a person happy, but many people just do not know it yet, because of the effort that they are reluctant to put in. 

Apart from enjoyment and hobby purposes, a musical instrument is also very important for future opportunities. These include:  college or work, making for a fun way to improve your own future. 

According to Camren Losey, a Freshman who plays the tuba in the HHS band, “It can go on your college essays, it can look very nice, and I play because it is fun.”

Not only is Cameron an example of a student who successfully utilized his instrument for the general enjoyment of working together as a team in a band, but also has an opportunity to use this knowledge to his advantage when applying for a college in the future. 

Furthermore, playing an instrument in a band or group can result in improved teamwork capabilities, which in all aspects of life, from work to solving simple issues, is a crucial skill to be had. 

This occurs because the music that a band plays is not very simple. There are different sets of each instrument, playing different notes based on which chair they are playing, which plays a different role in different parts of the song. 

Although this may seem difficult, when the aforementioned effort is put into playing an instrument, all these skills can be harnessed not only to improve stage performance, but also to improve your future. 

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