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Advancing in Code-fu: Possibly Mr. Code’s last year at HHS

Mr. Code in his classroom, many years ago.
Mr. Code in his classroom, many years ago.

For many years, here at Highlands High School, one memorable person has been assigned the most delicate task of educating students on essential life skills. Skills and lessons are not always easy to discuss but are most necessary to the growth and development of students as they progress through life. 

Michael Code, a Health teacher here at HHS for a whole 26 years will be leaving behind a lasting legacy. A message of the value of life and how to live it to its fullest, whilst at the same time being cautious and smart about decisions. 

From drug use to home safety, Code has educated students on subjects many would agree are fragile and oftentimes harder to converse over, nevertheless, he is motivated to do this. 

“It’s for the kids, I do it because I care about the kids.”

And care, he truly does but also with another inspiration in mind. 

His grandfather was always his #1 hero, Code said. According to Code, making just as much impact as his grandfather was what he strove to achieve.   

“My grandfather flew lead on the first daytime bombing run during World War ll into Berlin and they got shot down,” he said. 

“I asked him one time if he was scared, and he said ‘You know the only thing that matters in life is if you can make other people’s lives better.’ 

He shares with his grandpa the same dedication to other’s well-being. 

 “If I can take a group of kids and make their lives better then at least I’ll feel like I do something on a much smaller scale than what he did.”  

And within this education and healing, he has touched so many kids’ hearts and is a safe, reliable adult for students to turn to in hard times.

According to former Health student Senior  Ava Boggs, “This class was educational but I was also very comfortable there.” 

“I’ve learned how to protect myself, which is the most important thing really… I learned it from the best.”

Through a helping hand and a caring style, Code takes time to remember his last moments at this school. He’s left not only an impact through his education words but also his caring heart. 

“I will be truly sad to leave, it will be hard to let all this go.”

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