Living the Life: Barth Drops Her First EP


Haley Barth photoshoot picture for her new EP (Photo from Haley Barth).

 This is a follow-up to the Hilltopper’s previous article about Haley earlier this school year. 

Imagine being a high school student and being able to accomplish the dream of singing live for a crowd and releasing your own music. 

Sophomore Haley Barth is living that dream. 

Barth is pursuing her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter by releasing her first EP (extended play). 

Barth started this interest last year by playing at events in Cincinnati, and now she will be holding a concert this summer. 

“I have a concert on June 16 at the Thompson House and it will be my first headline show.” 

Barth will also be playing on July 29 opening for her cousin, Ryan Alfred, who is playing a show with his friend at Madison Live. 

To attend these events, tickets can be purchased on Ticketweb.

For all of these exciting events to occur, Barth had to start somewhere. 

“My process was me going to a studio in Cincinnati called Blacklite. My producer and I had to figure out what we want to do, and if I have an idea we just go off of that. Then, we start making the track and recording vocals with him mixing and mastering it.” 

Barth had been doing this for a while, releasing multiple singles called, “please don’t leave”, “london”, “little toy,” and her latest release, “50/50.” 

“The best part of making my music is seeing the reactions and just getting it out. I like when people have different perspectives and it isn’t just mine anymore.” 

Barth spends a lot of time in the studio, working on new projects and even collaborating with other musicians. 

“I love the studio time and spending time there. It’s like my second home.” 

Barth is very passionate about singing/songwriting, with the thought of wanting to continue this in the future. 

“I would love to continue this in the future if the next step is going to college or not, but I am not sure yet.” 

At the Thompson House, Barth will be playing her new EP coming out June 15 titled, “blurry” and with some cover songs.

“I cannot wait to perform in June and hopefully I can continue these performances in the future.”