Blasting into the Future: Kerbal Space Program 2 Beta


Nathan Mueller

3 Kerbals on the Moon.

12 years after the release of ‘Kerbal Space Program’, Private Division has released the early access beta of ‘Kerbal Space Program’ 2.

Known for its accurate physics, goofy characters, and sense of wonder. It was the dream game of any aspiring aerospace engineer and ‘Kerbal Space Program’ 2 might do that for another generation.

The beta has been mostly marketed too old, hardcore fans, however, it is anticipated to captivate audiences who just want to fly around Kerbin (earth) or those who want to design the most intricate intergalactic ships.

While the early weeks of the beta were riddled with bugs and glitches, players are optimistic especially as Private Division released the first update which fixed more than 300 significant bugs.

The game is by no means perfect, there are still significant bugs and the game needs key features added. The developers are waiting to release certain parts of the game until the core gameplay is perfected.

But while players wait for features like Multiplayer, extra solar systems, etc. to be added, the base gameplay is fun and subject to improvement. 

Much of the excitement around the new game is all the things it does better than its predecessor, for example, ‘Kerbal Space Program’ 2’s EVA system is significantly improved.

Some critics are worried about performance, it is very likely that the game should run on most modern hardware by the time of its full release. The current beta just isn’t optimized, causing many fans to prematurely freak out.

Many fans don’t seem to understand that this is a true beta test. While the term ‘beta’ has been thrown out there by game companies over the years, this is a real beta, it is not a complete game,t and judging it as such is unfair to the developers still working hard to finish the game.

If fans want this game to be great, they can play the beta, report every bug they find, and send suggestions to the developers, not bully the game and its developers online. It’s a good game that has some problems, but that’s fine because it is simply a beta test.