Spring Break 2023: Where students will be visiting this year?


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A picture of spring break

Spring break is an event that everyone looks forward to during this time of year. 

This year, spring break starts on March 31st and ends on April 10th. 

Many students from HHS (Highlands High School) will be traveling to different states or countries this year, while some are staying in Fort Thomas. 

Some students are traveling all the way to France, Portugal, Mexico, and England. 

A majority of students will be visiting the beach, either in Florida or the Carolinas. 

Junior Brayden Taft will be going on a Royal Caribbean cruise in Orlando Florida. 

We are going down to the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and down around there. I plan to do fun activities on the cruise and off of it exploring the lands we visit.”

Freshman Ava Muzumdar talked about going to Mexico. 

“I will be visiting Mexico and going to the beach, as well as eating with friends at restaurants.” 

There are also some students that will be going to a colder environment. 

Freshman Thomas Foose discussed his plans. 

“I’m going to A-Basin Ski Area to ski in the Rocky Mountains over break.” 

While some are visiting one place this break, there are some who will be visiting two or three places. 

“On March 30, I’m going to Texas for two days and staying in an Airbnb, then we will go on a cruise for five days. On the cruise we will go to two different islands in Mexico.”  said Junior Laryah Jones 

Other students will be staying in Fort Thomas this break playing video games, sports, hanging out with friends, or just relaxing this break. 

No matter where you are going, the long break will be a good way to relax and not focus on schoolwork.