The experience of running a small business in Fort Thomas



The inside menu for Hello Honey, in Fort Thomas Kentucky. This photo was found on the official Hello Honey instagram page.

A bell chime rings, echoing through the store announcing a customer’s entry. As the customer walks around deciding what they want to buy, this is where the display skills take place. Decor is an essential part of a small business, how the items are placed and shown is a crucial part of a customer’s decision.

Managing an organized shop is a leading factor in how a small corporation is run successfully. How business is taken in and handled is the company’s root. Workers and employees are set to help manage these challenges as business exhilarates further, pushing up the line into success. 

A clean workspace is a good representation of how a shop is managed. This small detail of keeping a clean area makes a significant impression on consumers, reassuring them of the importance of sanitation. This aspect, appearance-wise, will completely change the outlook of a worksite.

One of the most essential parts of a small business is repetition: repeating tasks and chores is how a shop runs smoothly. This job is about doing the same thing repeatedly until a task is mastered, completing each identical assignment again daily.

Senior Connor Defevers, who previously worked at Hello Honey – an ice cream shop Located at 118 North Fort Thomas Ave. – says, “For any business cleaning stays pretty similar, you get in a routine of repetition. One of the things about Hello Honey is that we would constantly be adding new flavors, which would switch it up, though the actual process of making it remains the same.” 

As businesses grow and thrive, they undergo a lot of changes, from launching new products and obtaining more resources to gaining more space, and creating a new aesthetic. Though this is a timely process, each part becomes easier every day with more practice. 

Forth Thomas is known for their many, high-rated small businesses. With most of them located on the same strip, local shops have remained a big part of the community, creating a safer environment.

Just Sew is a small business located at 118 North Fort Thomas Ave. They started off by only offering a few products, such as basic supplies, and sewing lessons. Since then, they have drastically expanded their business with more resources and a new repair system.  

Shop owner for Just Sew, Kelsey Pryor, said, “We are a small business owned by a mother/daughter team. We opened on August 13th, 2018, and hired our first employees within the first few months. Our business has undergone many changes since we first opened.”

Just Sew and Hello Honey are only just a few small businesses on North Fort Thomas Avenue. This street has much more to offer, with studios that provide music lessons, beauty salons, and convenience/supply stores. With old and new shops exchanging spaces, this area is well populated with small businesses, each with its own backstory. So be sure to go check out and support local small businesses.