As COVID-19 pandemic continues, Bluebirds find silver linings


Julianna Russ, Miles Sower, Michael Queen

Math Teacher Chad Niedert talks about the silver linings of COVID-19.

On March 13, 2020, the world changed forever. 

No one expected that two weeks off from school would extend into a month and eventually the rest of the school year. COVID-19 has kept students out of classrooms for the past six months, but Highlands Bluebirds are returning to the nest for the first time this week. 

Lately, it’s been easy to feel confused, frustrated, and isolated. Many people have lost loved ones, been let go from their jobs, or had their lives severely impacted in other ways. Nevertheless, many are making an effort to find the silver linings as the district transitions into an in-person learning experience unlike anything students or staff have seen before. 

Many across the country have become more politically engaged during the pandemic, and Senior Maggie Stieby was no exception. 

HHS Film and Broadcasting - Julianna Russ, Michael Queen, and Miles Sower

“My silver lining of COVID-19 was taking advantage of the time I had to learn more about everything that’s going on around the world and within my community. I am more socially aware and understanding of the experiences those around me endure on a daily basis.”

Student athletes have also been one of the most heavily impacted populations, but varsity golfer KJ Toole, a junior, said that the COVID-19 pandemic gave her more time to perfect her game. She explained, “I had a lot of time to go golfing and get outside.”

Bluebirds will be returning to some sense of normalcy as school begins at full capacity next week, but the fight against COVID-19 is far from over. Moving forward, keeping spirits high will be essential in cultivating camaraderie among students and staff, despite the mandatory six feet of distance. 

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