Blue Ice Cream for Lilliana Schalck


Dari Bar on opening day for the sale.

On Saturday 23rd the Dari Bar in Silver Grove had its grand opening. The owners of the ice cream store decided to sell blue cones for Lilliana and all proceeds went to the Lilliana Schalck Memorial, a scholarship fund for outcoming seniors.

With each small and medium blue cone sold, the money went for the Memorial. Each cone sold was represented by a ticket which was put inside a pinata to track the progress of the sales.

People had to park along the street since the parking lot was full, but parking didn’t stop the people from donating to Lilliana.

A lot of the cheerleaders were there to get ice cream and to donate. This event was so popular that people had to wait in line. This brought people together to talk and remember Lilliana.

Adrienne Adams, a senior cheerleader on the Varsity girls squad, reflected on her time there this weekend.

She said, “I think it was good when we went. There was so many people there. We stood in line for 25 minutes. I got a blue ice ice cream on a medium cone, and I think the cause is really good and how they offered to do that. I think it was really good that they put the money

Blue ice cream bought for the Lilliana Schalck Memorial.

towards the memorial.”

Kara Vennefron, also a senior on the all girls Varsity all girls squad, went to the Dari Bar this weekend as well to donate.

She said, “There were so many people that were donating extra money which was really generous. They had this bag where they put all the money for her there, and the people who didn’t even get blue ice cream donated a generous amount.”

The ice cream place was open from start to finish to sell the ice cream, and the atmosphere in the area was fun and bright. The Lilliana Schalck Memorial overall got large support this weekend to help the community come together to remember Lilliana.