Toasty Tips for the Crazy Cold

If you are a part of the the Fort Thomas School District, chances are you will have school tomorrow. Historically, Fort Thomas does not call many snow days and it is common that students walk to school in extreme weather. It can be very difficult to walk to school in below zero temperatures when there is a chance of frostnip or even frostbite.

It is very important that if you are going outside, possibly to walk to school, you bundle up. Here are ten tips to stay toasty in the freezing temperatures.


  1. Layer up! Ditch the single-layer clothes and put the leggings to use! Wear leggings under clothes like sweatpants, jeans, and even under another pair of leggings!
  2. Wear multiple gloves and socks to keep your fingers and toesies warm. Especially if you are wearing crocs!
  3. Carry a toasty drink with you to keep your hands warm. Hot chocolate, hot tea, or coffee are all a good option for this. If you don’t like those, drink some hot water.
  4. Avoid metal poles at all costs! In frigid temperatures like this, you have a chance of getting your tongue stuck to the pole. We’ve all seen A Christmas Story, and it doesn’t look fun.
  5. Bring a blanket to school! It will keep you warm and it can be a fashion statement.
  6. Use hand warmers not just on your hands! You can put them in your shoes, in your leggings, or in your socks.
  7. If you eat a hearty breakfast, it will help your body have more energy to stay warm. This is an excuse to have a parent make you big breakfast!
  8. Drink water! This frigid weather is just as dangerous as the scorching heat, and staying hydrated can keep your bodily functions working properly.
  9. Try to wear shoes that have good grip. Boots or gym shoes are a good choice as they have good traction. It helps when you are trying to not fall on the ice.
  10. Try to find a ride! We advise that you DO NOT walk in the weather. It’s cold and dangerous and it would be better to get a ride in a nice toasty car.


Weather can be brutal but with the help of our toasty tips and the wishes of being off school, everyone can be safe in the upcoming weather.


*DISCLAIMER* We have not tried all of these tips but they sound logically correct.