Girls’ soccer celebrate Halloween after a win

Kenzie Poynter, Staff

Going trick or treating, or facing another team on the journey to state. This was a thought  the girls’ soccer team had on Halloween night as they were traveling to Lexington for the semifinals. Though going to state was more important, missing out on trick or treating is still no fun. In the end, the girls ended up getting to do both as they won semifinals, and got to trick or treat on the bus ride home.


Freshman Chloe Bramble and junior Jordan Halpin are the masterminds behind the idea. The idea was thought of because even though all the players were excited about the road to state, missing Halloween still had an impact.


Halpin explained how the idea came to be.


“We were talking at practice and the topic of Halloween just came up. People were asking if there was a town nearby where we could trick or treat and we just came up with doing it on the bus.”


The moms are the coordinators behind making the idea come to life. The moms got the candy and then some brought buckets to the game and set it up on the bus.


Candy wasn’t the only treat on this Halloween night. The girls beat Bethlehem 3-0 while playing in the rain. Then when they got on the bus they were surprised by candy and Halloween music blasting throughout the bus.


Sophomore Kenzie Nehus felt this was something special for the team.


“It was a lot of fun especially since it was after we won the state semifinals so we were already really excited about that. We played Halloween music like the Monster Mash.”


Experiences like this don’t come up that often, so being able to share this experience as a team was something that has really impacted the girls.


Bramble feels like this is an experience that will forever have an impact.


“Doing something like this made us feel more like family and brought us closer together as a team and that will never go away”  


Being together on the journey to state and for a holiday strengthened the bond that the girls have with one another.


For senior Hannah Hartman, this was one of the last things she got to do with her team.


“It definitely brought us closer together and made us a family. I already miss them and it hasn’t been a week yet.”


Having the opportunity to be together for the journey of going to state and spending Halloween together was something the girls soccer team will never forget.