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Moving forward: We the People going to Nationals

Highlands We the People team gathers after winning state.

As students make their way to the final quarter of the 2023-24 school year, the “We the People” class makes its way to nationals in Washington D.C.

The class proved their knowledge at the state hearing and secured their spot at nationals once again as they have for the last sixteen years. The class has been extremely successful being led by Mrs. Boimann-Hennies.

We the People is a class offered by Highlands in replacement of a history class, even if it seems more than a class. It is a rare case in which a class acts more like a club or extracurricular activity going out to hearings.

In this class, at school, the students will learn about and expand their knowledge of The Constitution. 

Senior Treiston Collins says: “We the People is an alternative Government based course that takes a deeper dive into the Constitution.” 

A hearing is essentially a conference between two classes in which questions are asked about the constitution and the class that is able to answer more questions correctly will “win” or move on the the next hearing in usually the next few weeks.

Collins says: “Students are given questions that are based off the constitution and are required to present an opening statement that is 4 minutes long and answer 6-8 minutes of follow-up questions. To prepare for this, they need to do in depth research finding primary sources, court cases, constitutional connections, scholarly opinions and so much more.”

Though not as well known as say football or basketball, the students in We the People have consistently shown hard work, understanding, and talent for the subject and have given us yet another impressive hearing.

The We the People team has a lot of pressure going into nationals once again, but the Birds are hoping for their first-ever 1st place trophy.

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