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Presentations: The Importance of Sharing

Ava Muzumdar
In the photo, juniors Josh Hartung, Diego Race, and Hank Shick are giving their business presentation about their experience in a work environment.

With the semester coming to an end, many teachers will assign a midterm presentation. They are a way for students to showcase all the skills they have improved on during the semester. Although most core classes require presentations yearly, many students still need help with the elements involved. 

There are many different components that teachers expect from students during the presentation. AP Seminar teacher Katie Stewart, describes what she looks for in each of the Mock presentations in her class. 

“Another thing I look for is that the group can communicate the importance of the problem,” Stewart said. 

Showing full comprehension of the topic can help strengthen the relationship with the audience. The expectations can vary between teachers, but being able to paint the picture of a topic to the viewers can improve the overall pitch. 

Sophomore Noah Gracey said: “I wish that I knew the general content of what I was presenting about.” 

Sophomore Cydni Martin works on her AP Seminar presentation.

Reflecting on his presentation, Gracey wishes he had a stronger grasp on his group’s problem before presenting. Students can have numerous strengths and weaknesses when giving a presentation. Students must speak clearly and with a good tone when presenting to an audience. They should maintain eye contact for the majority of the time and present themselves in a professional manner. 

The last component many people tend to overlook when presenting is the importance of presentation skills. Having these skills can help students in the future.

Business teacher Elise Carter said: “It’s life.”

Carter claims that presentation skills can benefit students when entering college or a work environment. They help communicate findings and deliver the intended message. 

Her students had to make a presentation from their experience with leaders in the real world. These students researched the characteristics of a good leader and how to build these traits in school. They practiced these components throughout the year to strengthen their argument. 

Practice, practice, practice,” Carter said.

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