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Should Schools Use So Much Technology: The Viewpoint From a Student

An image of a MacBook, Creative Commons licenses

In the new generation of technology, the use of it has become more mainstream than ever before. Before, people thought that most people who used computers were “geeks” or professional scientists, but now, they have been made so that even little children can use them effortlessly. This is the current age of technology. 

With such widespread use of technology comes its incorporation into society, shifting from a polarizing topic to a normal device everyone, uses in society.

The use of such machines has proven helpful; by no means is it a negative institution, but the whole situation has its caveats. 

The aforementioned purpose of utilizing technology in schools is also present in Highlands High School, in the form of personal laptops and Schoology.

According to sophomore Vincent Listerman:“Technology helps a lot because it can help students improve their learning by looking up tools to understand the answer to a problem.”

For nonstudents, Schoology is the online platform that teachers use as a digital classroom where they can assign work or upload classroom content that the students then have easy access to.

According to junior TJ Hicks: “I think that technology is very good for high school use because it improves our learning and gives us more resources by giving us accessibility to the internet.”

Most parents would be surprised at this, not necessarily in a negative way, as their workplace is also administered by similar technology, but students do almost everything on Schoology, including major sections of or entire tests.

This is where the issue arises. When the teachers have a simple platform where they receive information from various students at an efficient rate, the students have major complications with notifying them about work or submitting examinations. 

There have been various occasions, not just on a personal level, but with peers where Schoology has failed to perform the way it should have, failing to complete simple tasks such as submitting assignments, sending notifications about pending assignments, initiating examinations, completing them, etc. 

The use of technology is necessary in modern society, but it is equally important for students to be able to have a simple interface where necessary tasks are put into a clear format where they can be easily and efficiently interpreted. 

In a random student’s Schoology interface, it is extremely likely that they will be incapable of finding out even what work they have due, because of the tendency for the application to label certain work that has passed a certain time frame as late or as a zero score. 

Of course, the amount of content requires the use of such technology, but the use of technology is only as efficient as the quality of the technology itself.

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