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Highlands High School teacher of the year: Ms. Kelly Pratt-Booth

Booth, surrounded by family and friends after her nomination of highschool teacher of the year. Picture provided by FTIS.

It’s a larger room, but for good reason, with windows projecting immense light on memorable events past. Decorated with the intricate workings and arts representing our world and its momentous past. Hanging maps, artworks and quotes of those most influential fly above, creating a reflection of sagas past, but new knowledge is created in this room that will stand the test of time. The educator in charge of this most delicate task, Ms. Kelly Booth, makes sure of this. 

Annually, HHS and other schools within the Fort Thomas Independent School District pick their teacher of the year, the committee’s choice is based on nominations by other teachers from previous years. 

This year, the committee’s pick was Kelly Booth. AP and regular world history teacher, whose response to her honor is pure stun. 

“I am honestly so surprised, truly this is incredible.” She said that she would have never guessed that she would be picked and am still in a faze of astoundment. 

But there is one true reason, among many, that stands out for why Booth takes the role pertaining to most special teachers of the year. 

Fellow teacher Kathrine Simon, who also happens to be Booth’s sister, talks of her most generous and understanding temperament and the truth behind teaching.

“Mrs. Booth is passionate about teaching and building relationships with her students… Additionally, she sees knowledge as power, and at the heart of her teaching lies the desire to arm her students with the tools and skills to make the world a better place and forge their own path,” said Simon.

And this is truly Booth’s goal, teaching comes second to relationships made with students.

“Part of my vision for teaching is trying to meet any kid, regardless of skill level so that everyone has an access point.” 

Booth discussed that the most important and dear to her heart is really building relationships, more than covering all areas of study.

Teaching a course is not a race, a lot of it’s crazy, but again, it’s not a race to the finish line.” 

Getting unique experiences, she said and wanting kids to remember her class, not in detail but in general as a place to learn and be interested in learning the fundamentals in a positive and friendly way. 

However, along with all her knowledge comes a special message, to all teachers at HHS, beyond being courageous, even when times are tough.

“Don’t be afraid to take a risk in the classroom, don’t underestimate kids, in this current climate when teachers are often being disliked and questioned, as a whole we need to be brave, for the sake of our students.”

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