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Teaching Expertise: William Schlarman’s 30th Year Of Teaching

Willie Schlarman smiles for his photo.

Highlands High School is full of familiar, friendly faces. Many of Highlands’ teachers have been teaching for quite some time. This year, we celebrate Willie Schlarman’s 30th year of teaching. A math teacher, Schlarman is beloved by everyone. Schlarman is there to support everyone. 

Of his 30 years of teaching, Schlarman has spent 22 years at Highlands. As a 1983 Highlands alumni, Schlarman got his degree from NKU (Northern Kentucky University). He started at Highlands as a basketball coach and math teacher but has since then decided to focus on teaching Geometry alone. 

Schlarman explained that he wanted to be a teacher because of the great teachers he had at Highlands as a student himself, but seeing his students every day is what keeps him motivated. 

“I enjoy interacting with the students. That’s what brings me to school every day,” he explained. As for the future, Schlarman isn’t sure what is to come. 

“I don’t know what the future holds… I know I would like to continue doing something, I just think that maybe in one more year I’ll have the possibility to retire from teaching,” he said.

 Teaching at Highlands, Schlarman has made an impact on teachers and students alike. One of these people is Highlands’ own Mike Code, a health teacher. Code and Schlarman are best friends. 

Code and Schlarman met when they were coaching basketball. They hit it off from the start. 

“We both had the same vision of how the game should be played, and it was easy for us to get along,” said Code. 

Code added: “When I got married back in 1998, Mr. Schlarman was actually one of my groomsmen.”

Almost 30 years later, Code and Schlarman are still close friends. Code looks up to Schlarman, both as a person and as a teacher. 

“You’re always going to learn more than just a sport or just some content when you have Schlarman as a mentor,” praised Code. “I think anyone who has had Mr. Schlarman as a teacher or as a coach is a better person for it.”

Schlarman has become something of a celebrity at Highlands. Bailey McDowell, a Sophomore in Schlarman’s advisory class who had him last year as an Advanced Geometry teacher explained “He has these catchphrases he says before every test that are almost legendary… every student repeats them. You’ll hear them in the halls and you’ll know exactly who they’re talking about.”

The catchphrase she refers to is one Schlarman uses before every quiz or test in an effort to motivate his students. The simple phrase, “Good luck to ya, we’re all rooting for you, God bless America, and go birds,” really does make an impact on the students.

This isn’t the only one of Schlarman’s famous catchphrases, however. He’s also known for his classic phrase “There is none of that in 109,” a quip revolving around his room number.  There is no doubt in 109 that Highlands is lucky to have such an amazing teacher. 

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    Amy LeighApr 11, 2024 at 12:28 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this piece about Mr. Schlarman. Thank for highlighting this teacher who shared a bright chapter of life with you.