Bombing and drone strikes: Moscow and Kyiv Undergo Bombing


image courtesy of Wikimedia commons

Ukrainian capital Kyiv after Russian bomb strike.

On Tuesday morning, May 30th, Ukraine launched drone strikes on the capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow. These were the first attacks on Moscow since the beginning of the war. 

The strikes were targeting residential areas. The damage wasn’t exponential but will require citizens to relocate. 

Last week, Ukraine allegedly launched strikes against the Kremlin. Attacks such as these are expected to increase. 

Attacking civilians is to break a nation’s morale and war support. If one can successfully accomplish this, victory surfs the horizon. Russia has followed this strategy and Russian leader Vladimir Putin has come under criticism for committing war crimes. 

These attacks are part of an effort to display to Russia that the war is coming home. Russia has heavily damaged the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and other cities in Ukraine such as Mariupol and Kharkiv from bombings. 

Air strikes along with ground attacks are increasing in Russia. Last week, Ukrainian militia launched a raid into the Belgorod region of Russia. Ukraine declines responsibility for these attacks.