Farm To Table, Table To Community: Fort Thomas Farmers Market’s brings in new distinct flavors


Ella P

Erin Peabody shops for the high in-demand baked goods at the annual Wednesday Ft. Farmers Market.

It’s a picturesque scene; an old fashioned look, bringing people together along with fresh food and joyful voices. A community that supports one another through the sharing of words and heartfelt flavors. That is the Fort Thomas farmers market. 

Produce, things crafted by locals, and baked goods by original bakers are all found at the market. 

Here, in Fort Thomas, the farmer’s market sparks the springtime. It marks the time when blooms and buds transform the outside world, and summer is closely following behind.

However, along with new buds, flowers and produce, comes new changes within our market. New booths, stands, and improved recipes all come into the area.  

Tiffany Tomeo, Fort Thomas Farmer’s Market manager said, “We just got named 3rd best farmers market in the region.” 

“We have an amazing team of volunteers, our board and of course our customers, it’s a team effort but it’s really all about the collaboration between everyone and the support we all show.”

Though everyone comes together in support, they each create quite different products. 

From produce to organic soaps, wontons to baked goods, this market has all the aromas in existence, but be prepared to wait, for these fresh baked breads are the hit of the show. 

Within the last year, this outdoor shopping event has grown in new vendors and distinct smells, spanning throughout tower park.  

Each vendor with an inspiring story behind it and a motivation to do what they do. 

Many of the farmers are focused solely on the effect they have on the environment and their animal and plant welfare. 

Paige, with Three Daughters Farm, specifically working with cows and pigs, said, “When someone thinks about a meat farm, they think of confinement and smell…we try to keep our animals outside every minute of every day, the way that was intended.”

She said that the goal of her farm is to keep all of her animals together in a habitat that would be natural. The three sisters don’t want meat that is mass produced, meat that is content in a natural life. 

She also includes that not a bit of anything is wasted. Using milks and fresh flowers for soaps and lip balms. 

All these vendors, though with different products show as much care and generosity to each other as well. Exchanging products and supporting one another. 

“It’s this sharing that has taken us to where we are today, without that generosity, we wouldn’t have what we have today and the connections made,” said Tomeo.