HHS Cappies Winner: “Sweeney Todd” Wins 7 Cappies Awards


The cast of Sweeney Todd performs a song.

It was distinctly dark. The lighting glowed on the actors, shining below their faces. They all stood in a line side by side. It made the scene more frightening and definitely more suspicious. The makeup for the performers was very detailed with blood stains, scars, and dirt marks on their faces.  

The Highlands High School Theatre Department put on the musical “Sweeney Todd” for this year’s Spring Musical. This story is filled with surprises left and right. These students worked extremely hard to present this show to the public, and no surprise that it was a hit.

The tale of Sweeney Todd is about an ordinary man that had everything until a man of power stole his freedom, destroyed his family, and banished him for life. In his sorrow, a new man was born. There is darkness and hate towards the men that ruined his life and future. But there is also a passion for what he does now. 

Sweeney Todd starts off with his job as a barber on the fleet street. Todd murders his customers with a straight razor and gives their corpses to Mrs. Lovett, his partner in crime, who bakes their flesh into meat pies.

The Highlands High School performance of “Sweeney Todd” has won 7 Cappies Awards. For the best musical, best song, best lights, best ensemble, lead actor, comic actress, and finally featured actress. 

Evan Stuart, junior and lead actor, says that he is so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this amazing performance. “This experience for me was one of the best things that has happened to me. I was honored to play the lead role and work with all of these amazing actors, actresses, and cast members. I am over the moon that Sweeney Todd won 7 cappies and I can’t wait for next year. ”

Grace Shuely, senior and winner of Cappy for Comic actress says“HHS has brought me so many memories and great experiences and I am sad that they are ending this year. Sweeney Todd helped me meet so many people and work with amazing members of the team. Also, the fact that it won 7 awards is crazy. I’m very thankful for the HHS theater department,”

Sweeney Todd was an amazing performance by the Highlands High School Theatre Department. Now the question is what will they perform next year for the residents of Fort Thomas? Jason Burgess, HHS theater director, says, “I always have ideas swirling through my head, but it will have to be a surprise.”