Pinpoint perfection: HHS student scores a perfect 36

Every school year HHS juniors prepare for their upcoming ACT test. The ACT is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States.  Many students cram months of work into one evening and begin to stress. HHS students went above and beyond this March and showed just how well their preparation skills are. 

According to Princeton, only 0.313% of students that take the ACT get a perfect score. Some of our HHS students were able to push themselves and hold their placement this March. 

Junior Jack Wilson scored an overall 36, a perfect score, on his ACT this Spring. “I think students should start thinking about the ACT all school year round instead of the week of, or even the night before. I find myself performing the best on any test,not just the ACT, when I have more time to prepare.” 

Many students know what the ACT is, but don’t fully understand what the ACT is used for. Many want to go above and beyond when it comes to their ACT testing, and this can be one of the first things colleges look for in new possible students. This can give the students test anxiety, but juniors applied themselves weeks before testing by composing material from each semester.  

There are many things that can really help your performance on your ACT. Getting a full night of rest, eating breakfast, whole quarter reviews, etc. Something that can make you feel more prepared, will help you overcome this negative stigma around any type of test taking. Having good time management and test skills when coming to school can be extremely beneficial, especially on assessments like the ACT.