Fox News: Falling into a settlement


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Newscast for Fox News

Under the first amendment in the United States Consitution, is the freedom of speech. Slander and libel statements do not fit in the amendment. 

Giving falsehoods in a story can lead to a breakthrough in certain groups and organizations.

Spreading misinformation for years is what made Fox News pay the price of $787.5 million after a lawsuit was brought in by Dominion Voting Systems. Fox News claimed that Dominion committed fraud during the 2020 election. 

At the time of December 2022, Fox had around $4 billion of cash on hand. Robert Fishman, a MoffettNathanson analyst, expects the company to pay the full settlement during the quarter.

The 6-week trial led to Dominion’s victory against the news network. 

According to what was shown in the trial, the news anchors and writers knew that they were writing false information and giving it to the world.

This lawsuit has led to host Dan Bongino leaving the network after the battle of hate and mistrust in everyone around him.