The Willow Project Petition reaches 3 million signatures


This photo is provided from the change website:

This is the screen shown after you have signed the petition.

The willow project is a Mass Oil production project launched by ConocoPhillips COP.N. Its goal is to drill oil into Alaska in order to make more money, as well as create jobs. This is putting the environment in severe danger by polluting the earth. With Global Warming already having a significant effect, there will be no backing out. 

This project was recently approved on March 13, 2023, by the Biden administration, there are multiple resources set in order to stop this procedure. Supporters from all over the world are coming together in order to help save the planet.

The scarce and dwindling population of our earth’s creatures is in constant danger already, and completing this project would severely endanger the few creatures who live in these conditions. It would destroy all of their natural habitats, what is known to be their home will no longer be there and instead be filled with pollution, harming the earth’s atmosphere.

Projects and corporations have been started in order to help this cause and stop the Willow Project from occurring. The main petition on recently reached over 3.2 million signatures, with their set goal of 3 million. With this number now beaten, the new plan for this partition to reach is now set at 4.5 million. 

This site and petition are accessible on the website under The “SAY NO TO THE WILLOW PROJECT!” Signing a petition is free and takes less than 5 minutes. By doing this you are supporting a good cause.