Title Of The Year: Andrew Eckerle earns “Teacher of the Year”


Andrew Eckerle stands proudly as Teacher of the Year.

Highlands High School’s very own Art teacher Andrew Eckerle has earned the title, “Teacher of The Year.” There are so many factors that go into selecting the “Teacher of the Year,” Highlands High School Principal John Darnell said, “all the certified teachers on staff fill out a survey and ‘vote’ on who should be Teacher of the Year. After a week, after the nominations close, I sit down and have a meeting with the past teachers of the year that are still working in the building and we collectively decide who should get it.” 

Eckerle has been teaching for 19 years in total, at Highlands High School for 14 years. Eckerle said, “It feels really great. I think all teachers deserve some validation for what we do.”

Eckerle has worked very hard for this title. He is so deserving of this title, not only the Highlands facility thinks so, but also students of Highlands including his kids Jude, Maura, and Francis.

Junior Francis Eckerle said, “ He’s a really great teacher and knows how to communicate with kids on their level.” and Senior Maura Eckerle said, “He creates an environment in his classroom that’s special to all his students, He lets them be themselves, He cares for all of them and makes sure they know.”

Everyone at Highlands High School is super proud of Eckerle and can’t wait to see what big accomplishments he archives in the future years to come.