Respect: Teachers not getting what they deserve


Math teacher Katie Carelock teaches her first-period class.

When it comes to teachers, they are an authority for students around the school and deserve respect from the students around them. Students aren’t doing their part. 

From not doing homework to talking while their teacher is, students, struggle to give teachers respect. All these teachers want is for their students to pay attention and give forth effort. It has been a big problem recently.

English teacher Megan McCormack said, “I think students have a blatant disregard for what I am saying or what I am doing. It’s not uncommon for students to talk while I’m talking and I know I am not the only teacher to struggle with this.”

Most teachers have been feeling this way about their students recently. When it comes to not paying attention, many kids are playing games on their MacBooks instead of working on the things the teacher has assigned. 

Students will also talk to the kids next to them instead of listening to instructions or what to look forward to in the class. This can confuse the entire classroom and make it difficult to teach those who have no idea what is happening.

Teachers give out homework to help students perfect the lesson that they are teaching and students are failing to respect the work that their teachers are doing for them. They do not listen in class when these assignments are given out, then blame the teacher when the student doesn’t do them.

Even the counselors are noticing that students’ grades are dropping. Their drop-in grades are caused by not paying attention to the lessons being taught in class. 

Counselor Ann Listerman said, “Students are being failed by not being told no. They are finding themselves in situations where it is not ending well for them.”

Students need to respect their teachers in and out of the classroom. Staying off their MacBook when told to, not talking when their teacher is talking, and not backtalking are all important things to do.