Page for a day: HHS student spent one day in the role of Kentucky Representative


Brian Robinson

Senior Cameron Myers has an opportunity to see state government in action.

On Friday, February 10th, Senior Cameron Myers had an opportunity to see state government in action.  

He shadowed Representative Mike Clines at the Kentucky State Assembly. It was an unforgettable experience for him and influenced him so much. 

He knew about the opportunity to spend a day at the Kentucky Legislature from an opportunity posted on Schoology. This was about the career path that Cameron is interested in. Myers wants to go to the sphere of politics or law. “I decided to reach out and see what I can do,” he said.  

He observed the process of the day in the legislature from Mike Clines, Kentucky State Representative to “understand how the papers work.” 

He met so many new people and made some connections that can potentially help him in his future career. 

“The person who I was with introduced me to the workers of the congress and gave me a tour of that place.”

During that day, he helped people there with papers. He did small favors, took a tour of the building, and saw how it works. Myers asked Clines about the things he was doing particularly in the changing of the Kentucky constitution. 

“It was something about education and tax credits for charger schools. But I did not talk to him directly about any changing laws.”

Nevertheless, this experience was super significant for him. 

“It made me realize that lawmaking is something that I really want to do. It showed me that, yea, I would actually like to do it.”  

Myers is really interested in politics, and law and is considering Duke, UC, and Miami for college.