Ukraine Children Traumatized: A horrific Helicopter Crash in Ukraine hit a kindergarten playground.


Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons.

A general view of the site of a helicopter crash, amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine, in the town of Brovary, outside Kyiv, Ukraine, January 18, 2023

This January 18th, there was a severe helicopter crash in Brovary, Ukraine. There are 3 assumptions for the causes of the crash. Those being aircraft malfunctions, flown even though there was a lack of visibility, or being deliberately targeted. The area had still been covered in heavy fog, at this time Ukraine is at war with Russia, which has fired at public areas specifically apartment buildings such as the one in a southeastern city named Dnipro. 

Due to the helicopter crashing, a door-sized panel flew off the helicopter along with other pieces, flying into a playground in an eastern suburb of Kyiv. Neighbors in apartment buildings near saw fire as tall as a “12-story building” as stated by Letun, a neighbor nearby. 

The effects this crash had on this tiny city were unbearable with 14 dead, including a child, as well as 25 injured, 11 being children. There were bodies covered in blankets on the ground near charred aircraft pieces in the kindergarten playground. 

There are now memorials surrounding the area with flowers and small knitted stuffed animals. The emergency crews continued to clean up debris from the helicopter itself along with surrounding vehicles, buildings, markets, the school, etc. 

The crash not only killed civilians on land but those in the helicopter itself. The Minister of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrskyy was the most senior Ukrainian official to die since the beginning of the war. As well as 5 Ukrainian government officials, 1 national police official, and all 3 of the crew members. 

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy ordered an investigation into what he stated was a “terrible tragedy.” ending with, “The pain is unspeakable.”.