Harry Styles: How he climbed to popularity



Harry Styles at the MET Gala (Image provided by Vouge)

Harry Styles, originally an icon in the former band One Direction, is now changing the world one lyric at a time. With 3 records in his solo career, he has traveled the world with his best friends. 

Born and raised in England, his name was found by Simon Cowell during the X-Factor. He became a part of the biggest boyband in the world and traveled with the people he called family. 

Styles’ first solo album came out in 2017. The self-titled album was produced by Tyler Johnson, Kid Harpoon, and Jeff Bhasker. One of the ten songs in the album is ‘Sign of the Times’.

‘Fine Line’ was released in 2019 as Styles’ second album. 12 songs were released on this album with 2 singles, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and ‘Adore You’. This album fit him much more, he wasn’t trying to please as many people, but just doing what he loves and how he loves to do it.

‘As It Was’ started a new album for Styles’ called ‘Harry’s House’. With 13 songs on the album, Styles’ came back in 2022 to surprise his fans with the album. He showed his soul in this album, ensuring we saw every emotion.

The man has changed lives. He has made people smile, laugh, and want to keep going. Styles has been through so much in his life but has still made it out happy. That has given his fans inspiration to do the same. 

After his first album, he started his first solo album named ‘Live on Tour’ in 2017. He is now preparing for the 2023 shows for ‘Love on Tour’. He will be performing in Pam Springs for his birthday shows on January 31 and February 1. After, he will take a break for a few weeks then leave the country for quite a few months to continue with his tour.

Now that award shows are coming up, Styles is up for quite a few BRIT awards. He will also be performing at the award show. He has been up for a lot of awards in the past, in and out of the band. Winning is something Styles is good at.

With the fame that Styles created for himself, he started an acting career. It began with his debut in 2017’s WWII movie ‘Dunkirk’. He played a character named Alex in the movie and created an excellent fit for the movie.

In 2021, Styles’ made his Marvel debut in the film ‘Eternals’ as the character named Starfox, also known as Eros. He has Psychic control over the emotions of other characters in the movie.

His next film was a 2022 thriller directed by his ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde, ‘Don’t Worry Darling’. He played Jack Chambers in the 1950s-based movie. It ends with his wife escaping the experimental city they lived in, Victory.

The most recent was ‘My Policeman’, based on the novel written by Bethan Roberts. The film is also based in the 1950s on the Brighton coast. Things end crazy in the movie, even though they start smoothly. 

The growing popularity of Styles is non-stop. From selling out arenas to new followers on social media, he is changing people worldwide. He won’t be stopping anytime soon.