New courses introduced to Highlands High School 2023


Photo provided by the HHS Counseling department.

The course catalog can be found on the counseling website.

HHS has a large number of courses available for students to participate in. The school has decided to add more variety to next year’s catalog, students will now be able to perform a new skill that they didn’t have access to before. 

The new classes HHS offers include System Administration, Computer Networking, Fundamentals of Web Development, and Database Management 1. These new tech classes favor students’ interest in IT; they will work with data, coding, hands-on skills for technical issues, programming, and development. 

Though this pathway of technical and social engineering is not a new feature for Highlands, these classes provide a wide opportunity for students to discover and learn which opens up their options for their further development. 

If a student is still deciding what courses to take next year, that is okay. Here are some additional classes that are replacing, half semesters, and dual credits. 

AP PreCalc is going to replace PreCalc/Trig. Adv. Students must sit for the AP Exam. You will learn how to observe, explore, and build mathematical meaning from dynamic systems. This is a 1 credit course.

Sociology is new but will be paired with Abnormal Psychology. Sociology is a science dealing with social abilities and focuses on groups of people and their ways of socially interacting. Abnormal Psychology is based on psychopathology and abnormal behavior, often in a clinical context. 

Highlands high school Physiology, psychology, health 2, and mental health teacher, Nina Kearns stated, “I think Psych and AP Psych are going to stay a whole year because I do think a year is better, as much as you know people might get in it and be like well this is more than I bargained for.” She also said, “There will be an Abnormal Psych. section. The pre-wreck is you have to have one of those levels of Psych so that you have the foundational bit.”  

Kearns encourages students to try new things next year and open their horizons, her goal is to see future success in her Bluebirds.

Bob Sphire, a dual credit coordinator, said there are a lot more options for college credit such as ones in-house. 

“There are a lot of options for people with a multitude of interests… Those in-house opportunities I think are probably the options I would encourage our students to look to first.” 

The course catalog is available here.