Voices in the hall: How are you preparing for midterm exams?

With midterm exams creeping up on students and teachers, we decided to find out how they are preparing for their respective classes, and how teachers are preparing their students.

(Left) Freshman Nick Wilson: “I feel prepared, I’ve just been studying and I’m hoping to get good grades.”

Sophomore Ethan Grimm: “I’ve basically just been studying my classes, I think I’m very prepared.”

Junior Owen Lecky: “I’m gonna study a lot especially tonight for my tomorrow exams and then I also have to get a good sleep and eat a good breakfast in the morning to make sure I have enough energy to push myself through the day.”

Sophomore Jack White: “I’m preparing for midterm exams by studying the study guides the teachers have given me, and I’m working in groups to study the material.”

Biology teacher Shih Wen: “We pass out a study guide a few days before and then we go over the study guide and make sure we answer any questions so if students have questions they can ask me during class and after school.”