Christmas break: Where will the bluebirds be going for break?


A map of where students will be visiting for Christmas break.

This Christmas break, students will be traveling all around the world while some will enjoy staying home and spending time with friends and family. 

The Hilltopper conducted a survey, having students answer what they will be doing over the two-week break. 

In the survey, most students will be staying home, while others will be traveling to Florida, New York City, Colorado, Hawaii, Japan, and more.

We interviewed some of the students that filled out the survey, asking them what they will be planning to do away from Fort Thomas for the holidays. 

Freshman Sophia Caballero will be visiting the Big Apple this Christmas break!

 “I’m excited to go because I really like Christmas and it’s nice and big in New York City.” 

Freshman Ella Peabody is going to Seattle, Washington.    

“I have a lot of families there, so I will be visiting my dad’s side there along with a lot of friends. Everybody knows each other in the small town and gets together to do fun activities.”

As for the people staying in town this break, here’s what they will be doing!

Sophomore Sarah Jones will be staying home for the break. 

“I’m not doing anything for the break besides going to swimming practices.”   

Christmas break is going to be so fun and relaxing, no matter where you are! Have a great 2 weeks off and happy holidays Bluebirds!