Giving this holiday season: A guide to what you can do to help those in need


Courtesy of the Henry Hosea House website

A picture of the Henry Hosea House entrance, a beautiful historic building but more importantly filled with a kind spirit.

During this time of the holidays, the bustle of holiday traffic and worries are surrounding, cheer is in the air but the stress of material gifts is the primary concern in most households. Many people in this world, no matter religion or holiday tradition, can forget the importance of what truly matters at the end of the day and what it means “to give” at this time or any time of the year. 

Ever since COVID-19, and in general, during this often challenging time of the year, many families are in need of essential indemnities such as food, clothes, and blankets. Any help those families can receive is appreciated. In this time of darkness and distraction, a number of people forget the true importance of what it means to give to those less fortunate. In these cold months, there is often despair in the lives of those unfortunate. However, there is hope to find in the form of the Henry Hosea House, ready to see these people in need. 

Though the Henry Hosea House is usually considered a “soup kitchen”, it is so much more than that. The door is always open to anyone in need with help in many different areas whether that be clothing, food, or even hygiene products. 

With a continually open heart and selfless attitude, the Henry Hosea House is a staple in the lives of a good many unfortunate families. 

Right here in the journalism room (212) is a key giver to this organization, Emme Orme. Since her great-grandfather opened this organization many years ago her family has been extremely involved. Though it can be said that her family’s yearly contribution is due to her family’s history with this place, the effect of giving is enough motivation. 

55,000 meals (250 meals daily) is the number of hot nourishment provided pre-COVID. Whether it’s sandwiches, soup, etc. they are always there to help. “It is very inclusive, they don’t ask for money mostly volunteer support so they do not overwork themselves, community outreach is the most important part,” said Orme.

The generous support from many in the community is how this excellent snow globe of security is provided. It’s so incredibly principle to this organization to have each other and the support of one another especially in this time of giving, as one world working together to keep each other healthy and happy, helping others is truly the center of what the holidays are about, holding the hands of our brothers and sisters and fellow humans, with love, joy and humility, an appreciation for all that can be had from simply living, shared in the universal worldly heart. 

As the holiday season surrounds, along with this giving spirit comes the joy of simply being grateful, not just for the many things we have or own but for the people they are shared with, this is a motto shared by many at the Henry Hosea House with its family of both helpers and visitors, all blessed with the company or circle of love and contentment. It can be said as a message from both HHS and the “Henry Hosea house” to all this holiday season, originally by Tiny Tim in “a Christmas carol”, “God bless us, everyone”.