Voices in the hall: HHS students and teachers share their holiday traditions

As you know, Christmas is right around the corner. So we asked our teachers and students some different questions about the holidays along with their traditions. 

Highlands English teacher Carrie Murray was asked the question “Do you go anywhere for the holidays?” She said “We stay in town but we have many different events that we attend as a family. This year we plan on going fowling.” (Photo by: Ella Cox)


Highlands English teacher Megan McCormack was asked “What’s your favorite part about Christmas?” She said, “I really like it all. But I do enjoy baking cookies, putting up decorations with all the fun lights, watching movies, and wearing sweaters.” (Photo by: Ella Cox)

Junior Kasey Gross was asked, “What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?” She said “Decorating the Christmas tree and having a family dinner the first Sunday of December” (Photo by: Ella Cox)

Sophomore Somfe Nzekwu was asked, “What’s your favorite Christmas song?” She said “My favorite Christmas song is probably Jingle Bell Rock.” (Photo by: Ella Cox)