The sound of life: The way music has impacted my life


A look into music brought by Britannica Image Quest

Music has huge control over the emotions and feelings that I feel. Listening to different songs and genres of music takes up most of my day. I wouldn’t be alive without music. 

Between Taylor Swift and The Killers, music has changed my life. Having a different emotion for every song and beat, along with being able to relate to different songs for what I am going through.

On Spotify, I have around 115 playlists. Each one is for a different mood, artist, setlist, or soundtrack. Each playlist is at least an hour long and tells a story. My longest playlist is just over 75 hours.

Concerts are a big part of my life. This year alone, I went to 5 concerts. I saw Alec Benjamin who had the opener of Sara Kays, The Who, Machine Gun Kelly, The Killers, and Harry Styles. Each concert meant a lot to me. 

My favorite concert I have ever been to would be The Killers in Indianapolis. My family and I were on the grass, so we were able to just dance around and have fun. That was the first concert I had ever traveled for. It was also the first time I ever got merch at a concert. Now, I get merch at every concert I go to.

Taylor Swift is my favorite artist. I have been listening to her for nearly 10 years now. Swift has completely changed my life. I am seeing her in concert at the Paycor Stadium on July 1st. This is the first time I will be seeing her in concert.

I love recommending music to people and getting their input on my music taste. I love hearing what my friends are listening to, to find new music. Most importantly, I love the music I grew up on. It brings happiness to my heart.

Having a certain taste in music based on how I grew up means a lot to me. From U2 to Eminem, I found so many different artists to listen to. The childhood hits that came on the radio when I was younger still bring joy to my heart.

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, One Direction, and so many other artists framed my childhood into being a wonderful, musical type of life.

I found comfort in music. Music brought me into a world full of care. I felt like the relationship I and music have will last forever. I love music and I always will. 

I can’t go on a car ride without music playing on the radio. In class, my AirPods are always in. While I’m in my room, vinyl is always spinning. 

Music surrounds my life and I have no problem with it.