Magic show at Paris Fashion Week with Bella Hadid participation: Fashion history or gimmick?


courtesy wiki media commons

Parisian Fashion Week logo.

Incredible lights, a rush of emotions, delight, and envy from famous designers from all over the world. The Paris Fashion Week is always a great event that is essential for all kinds of fashion fans. There is always invisible competition between brands, looks, and shows. This time the Parisian brand made a big splash. The Coperni’s show took place in Salle des Textiles at Paris’s Musée des Arts et Métiers. Although it was just a 15-minute performance, this time a real fashion revolution was made. 26-year-old famous model, Bella Hadid entered the show space ready to have the dress worked onto her body. Coperni’s workers sprayed a white, liquid-polymer across her body to form the skirt of the dress first, working up to reveal a stunning dress with a thigh split.


Fabrican technology takes the imagination of designers and the public around the whole world. The technology has been developed for industrial applications, as well as for personal and healthcare, decorative and fashion, and apparel products. The liquid solution is sprayed by an aerosol or spray gun onto the body, which then evaporates as it makes contact with a surface to form a non-woven fabric. What is more important, this fabric is green, recyclable, and environmentally. Working with greener, non-volatile organic compounds, Fabrican spray-on fabric technology uses no ozone-depleting substances. Fabrican technology compresses the industrial supply chain, making it more efficient, and reduces reliance on overseas component suppliers, thereby reducing its carbon footprint. Fabrican’s ethos is to provide the industry with production processes that reduce environmental impacts.

The material used to create the spray-on dress was developed by the spray-on fabric technology company Fabrican, which was founded in 2003 by Spanish scientist and fashion designer Manel Torres.

After the shape of a dress was sprayed onto the body of Hadid, a Coperni worker began to cut and form the white dress, shortening its length, adding an incision, and draping the straps off Hadid’s shoulders before she walked around.

However, not everyone was impressed by this event. For example,  fashion critic and Harper’s Bazaar news director Rachel Tashjian wrote that “this was a gimmick, and nothing more.”

Also, Hadid wrote in a captioned Instagram, where she said there was no repetition, that she was “still speechless”.