Sip and Stir: Fort Thomas Coffee opening in One Highland


A infographic of FTC made by Grayson Thomas.

Have you ever wanted a nice cup of coffee to relax you at the end of the day? Well, Fort Thomas Coffee has everything you need and want. Their new location is in the One Highland building right in the heart of town. 

They have many new things added to their menu and much more space for customers. They even have a playroom for kids while customers sit and socialize. 

Christine Smalley, the owner, has created this beautiful design for space, food, and coffee. It has taken a lot of work but it has turned out miraculously. 

To start the day, the kitchen team members can show up as early as 4:30 to ensure that everything is ready for the morning rush. “The air fryer has to be turned on for the donuts at about 5:00 am so they are ready by 6:30,” said Smalley.

The baristas have a different story. They have to be at the shop no later than 6:00. They do things like get coffee, and tea, and make sure all of the cups are stacked. There are so many drinks infused with so many flavors.

Sarah Petrie, barista, said, “My favorite drink is the chaider, half chai, half cider, caramel, and a little bit of oat milk.” Only offered in the fall. 

Everyone loves different flavors with their coffee, but still, the most wanted drink is just a plain vanilla latte. Most people when it comes to coffee don’t know all of the things that go into making one. So they just order the easiest thing to say. 

Closing Fort Thomas Coffee is just setting up the morning shit workers for success. Smalley said, “When you work the closing shift you just restack the cups, clean out the espresso machine, and make sure that all the food machines are turned off.” 

When 6:00 pm comes around then all the adults are getting off of work they want to come in and have a cocktail for a few minutes, say hi to some people, and just relax until they go home to their family for dinner. 

Fort Thomas Coffee also offers family dinners now when you are running behind and don’t have anything to cook at home. You can just pick it up and go home. That easy. 

When the after-school rush comes in all of the workers prepare for about 40-60 students to come in and just hang out and talk to their friends. “After about an hour if they are still crazy we will just politely tell them that we are winding down and getting ready for the adults that want to come in and work at the cocktail bar,” said Smalley. 

Having a routine when you work in a coffee shop is necessary so that you know what needs to go where and when. Sara Petrie, barista, said, “My favorite thing about working here is making the drinks and talking to the customers about their day while they order their coffee.” 

Fort Thomas Coffee is a new open space for everyone to enjoy.