The controversial thoughts of chili: HHS discuss their thoughts on Cincinnatis’ most famous chili


Abigail Hudson

The top three most popular chili restaurants in Cincinnati.

Going into the fall season it’s time to switch up the mood with warmer food. Chili is often a popular choice; from homemade to going out and getting some traditional chili. That all leads to a very important question. Which restaurant has the best chili? Skyline, Dixie, or Gold Star? A popular debate, let’s find out which one is more popular around the school.

Sophomore Hudson Dye is in favor of Skyline Chili stating that the favoritism is with more than just the chili, “The crackers and the hot sauce are the best part.”

Senior Dana Brown, also in favor of Skyline Chili and what they have to offer, “ I really like their spaghetti, that’s always where I would go in a chili mood.” 

However, on the other side of the spectrum at HHS (Highlands High School), there are quite a bit of people in favor of Dixie Chili as well. 

Junior Jack Haggard finds that Dixie Chili has superior options and would prefer Dixie over Skyline Chili or Gold Star any day,  “I like their [Dixie] food better like their chili cheese fries are a lot better.”

Highlands’ very own Counselor Mrs. Sarakasanis also takes a particular liking to Dixie Chili, “At Dixie, we really feel like we are at home. We go there for family occasions and things like that, so it’s really just more than the chili for me.” 

However, her fondness for the restaurant is more than just the environment and also with some of the food, “My favorite thing from there is actually the veggie soup.” 

Gold Star is not a very popular choice for the students and staff at HHS, taking no votes as a place that anyone would go to for chili. 

What would you choose? Skyline? Dixie? Or even, Gold Star