The Fame: Ranking the songs from Lady Gaga’s ‘The Fame’ album


The album cover of ‘The Fame,’ by Lady Gaga.

Over the weekend I spent my time at work listening to Lady Gaga as I prepped food for Panera Bread. While listening, I enjoyed some of the music I heard while working. Because of my enjoyment, I decided to listen to and rank Gaga’s first album, ‘The Fame.’ 

Coming out in 2008, Gaga’s album includes 15 songs with some of her well-known hits such as, “Poker Face,” and “Paparazzi.” As this is Gaga’s first album released, it’s nostalgic for listers like myself who grew up alongside Gaga’s music.

Within the album, 5 songs stick out to me the most from the album.

Coming in the fifth spot on my list is ‘Disco Heaven.’ this song is a great walk-like-a-boss song and a great choice to dance to at a small party or rave. It makes me feel really good about myself and ups my mood whenever I listen to it.

This song is the last one listed in the album, right after ‘Summerboy.’

In fourth place is the Album song itself, ‘The Fame.’ Now usually I’m not the person to admit the album song is in my top five but with Lady Gaga it has become a common occurrence.

The Fame is a very good vibe song that can set you in the mood to get something done. I enjoy it due to the motivation boost I receive from the beat, I just have to get moving when this song comes on.

Make the top three is one of Gaga’s more well-known songs, ‘Paparazzi.’

This song is well-liked due to the idea of being such an attraction, a celebrity to everyone around you. For me, it makes me feel like a model, and everyone just has to get a photo of me.

This was one of the songs I saved for last on the playlist because I was already familiar with the song. I was pleased to finally make my way to it as I was walking to school, and I felt like all the jogger’s eyes were on me.

As I narrow down to the top two, I finally make it to everyone’s favorite dance song, ‘Just Dance.’ Not only being viral off the album for the amazing song itself but recently got big on TikTok as well.

This is one of those songs you have to get up for once again, it can be enjoyed by adults and teenagers alike. Even if you aren’t into Gaga like I am, you love to hear this song come around ever so often.

After being reawoken to these iconic songs, I finally make my  way to my favorite song on the list, ‘Poker Face.’ Now call me basic if you must but I have had this song on my playlist since I was 3. My mom often says it was my first favorite song, but I loved nursery rhymes a lot as a kid.

Im not exactly sure what it is that I enjoy about this song so much, but the passion you can hear in Gaga’s voice as she growls at the audience with her voice is a lethal weapon.

As I wrap up the first Album I leave a final rating of 7/10, with some absolute bangers, some of the songs just didn’t do it for me. One of the biggest factors that played into the rating was the level of nostalgia I got from relistening to these songs that came out when I was 2. From here forth I will be listening to and rating other Gaga albums, so make sure to keep up.